October 9, 2009

ACL devolves into sewer sludge romp

From The Statesman:

Heavy rains Saturday led to mud pits Sunday in some parts of Zilker Park during the final day of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. The mud seemed to be mostly Dillo Dirt, a compost made from yard trimmings and treated sewage sludge, which was used in recent lawn improvements.

Just when you thought the wacky moonbats here couldn't get any weirder ...

h/t: Patterico

September 11, 2009

Remembering Captain (Ret) James Corrigan

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 31, 2001.

When James J. Corrigan was not fighting fires, he was smelling the roses. His house in Little Neck, N.Y., was suffused with their scent. He put them in vases; gave them to his wife, Marie; handed them to neighbors. Red, pink, yellow, white — they all flourished in the garden by his driveway.

He even gave them to the hardened men with whom he worked.

He was a New York firefighter for 25 years, retiring as a captain in 1994. He took a job the next year as a fire and safety director in 7 World Trade Center.

Last August, Mr. Corrigan, 60, was promoted to oversee fire and safety operations for the entire complex. His youngest son, Sean, had just gotten married three days earlier, and his oldest son, Brendan, often ate lunch with his father.

After the planes hit, the Captain called Brendan: "Don't go anywhere. We don't know what else is going to happen." Then the line went dead.

While other ran to safety, Captain Corrigan stood his ground. His first thoughts went to his family, and then to the task at hand. Our world was better for his presence here, and his children will take his legacy of hard work and ultimate sacrifice into the generations beyond.

An old friend, Ted Glaessgen, left a touching memorial for all to read. I urge you to read it, it's very touching.

I never knew Captain Corrigan, but I wish I had. If only there were more men like Captain Corrigan in this world, it would be a far better place.

Captain Corrigan, may you rest in peace, and enjoy your salvation in the Lord.

February 23, 2009

Advertising Windows Services with Avahi Zeroconf

One of the more annoying things about having Windows hosts on a Mac network is the lack of good Zeroconf support in Windows. I have figured out a way around this though. If you have Avahi running on a Linux server somewhere on the network, you can use that Linux server to advertise services on the Windows machine. Let's take VNC for example.

This example assumes that you are advertising services for a Windows machine with a static IP address. Without a static IP address, maintenance becomes a nightmare. The version of Windows doesn't matter, nor does the OS at all, really. Let's assume that we are advertising for a Windows XP system, at IP address, named testmachine.

First off, let's create a hosts entry for Avahi in the /etc/avahi/hosts file: testmachine.local

You'll always want to use the .local domain for Mac OSX compatibility. Even if you have a FQDN, use .local

Next, we need to create a .service file in /etc/avahi/services named testmachine.service :

<?xml version="1.0" standalone='no'?>
<!DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM "avahi-service.dtd">
<name replace-wildcards="yes">Test Machine</name>
<service protocol="ipv4">

Restart Avahi, and you're good to go. If you start up Screen Sharing, you should now see "Test Machine" automagically.

It's just as easy to share other services as well. Once you know how to use the domain-name and host-name parameters correctly, the sky's the limit.

February 8, 2009

CWA Union Votes to Strike

From Boy Genius Report:

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) union has voted, with a huge 85 percent yes vote, to authorize a strike for over 20,000 unionized AT&T Mobility employees. If union leaders do not come to terms with AT&T, the strike could begin as soon as today in 37 states where contracts are set to expire at 12:01 am tomorrow, February 8th.

I say, let them strike. Do it. With the unemployment figures where they are, I would venture a guess that there are plenty of people ready to take those jobs. Remember the Air Traffic Controllers strike of 1981? Randall Stephenson needs to take a page out of Ronald Reagan's handbook and fire each and every person who doesn't show up to work. AT&T has been cutting back, and this makes it all that much easier. Don't show up, you don't work here. It's that simple. Hold a job fair, and get back to business ... without the union, of course. Once the contract expires, they are in the clear.

February 7, 2009

D'OBama's Stimulaspalooza comes to Austin

Of all the monumentally stupid ideas yet to come from the bumbling Obama administration, we have this:

There it was, in a front-page story in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal — the City of Austin's proposal for $886,000 from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package for a 36-hole Frisbee golf course.

Austin's Frisbee golf project was among $149 billion in items listed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors seeking stimulus money. The 18,750 individual projects were supposed to be "shovel ready" and create jobs around the country.

Seriously? How is spending $886,000 on a 36-hole frisbee golf course supposed to get people back to work? I know people who play frisbee golf ... and ... I love you guys, but when you're playing frisbee golf, you're not working.

Hopefully after all of this non-sense is over, and we finally get rid of Obama and his cronies, it will be decades until the democrats regain power. Let's just hope they don't destroy America before that happens.

January 20, 2009

iPhone app coming together nicely

In the course of chasing out a nasty memory leak bug, I ended up rewriting 95% of the code. Good news is that I've not only chased out the bugs, but I've made the app more compatible with older OS versions. And I got the accelerometer code working!

Items left to finish:

  • Add preferences pane
  • Finish up artwork
  • Complete recordings
  • Branch code for Free/Lite version
  • Complete Free/Lite version
  • Lots of testing

I have plans for a free version of the app, and a paid "Premium" version.

January 19, 2009

Coming soon to an iPhone near you

I am getting VERY close to finishing my first iPhone app. I have the artwork done, all of the synthesized sounds done, and the base application done. All that is left is to add the accelerometer code (shaky shaky) and record the rest of the sounds. I got my developer license in today, so I can actually build my apps and run them on iPhones! I needed that to test the accelerometer code ... the simulator doesn't simulate the accelerometer.

It has been an interesting process so far. I was prepared to wait weeks to get my developer license, but Apple sent it to me the next day. 'magine that, eh?

January 6, 2009

Liveblogging FAIL

Looks like the MacRumors guys were pwn3d while covering the MacWorld 2009 Keynote. I caught that screenshot just in time.

Little internet miscreants ... always causing trouble ... :)

Shortly after these notes appeared, their entire site went down. Whether that was part of the joke, or a defensive move, who knows. Either way, the DG's brought it down.

Update: More pics at iClarified, Richard Lemon, Koka Sexton, and a good pic from flickr. I'll post more when I find them.

January 3, 2009

mMm Tripel Labels are Printed


I just finished the labels for my first homebrew beer, mMm Tripel.


January 1, 2009

A beer is born

And on this first day of this new year, a new beer is born. Her name is "mMm Tripel" in the style on a Belgian trapist tripel.

5 gallons of mash yielded 49 bottles of beer. Final alcohol content is around 7.8%.

This new beer had a long journey into this world, and needs to rest. We shall enjoy her bounty on the 21st.

Happy New Year!

From our families to yours!


Beer courtesy of Samuel Adams.

December 20, 2008

KAC has moved to DreamHost

KeepAustinCorporate.com has moved to new servers with DreamHost. Before today, KAC was hosted by Sago Networks. I highly recommend them, but I was piggy-backing on a dedicated server that is being retired, and I decided to get my own hosting account. Sago has been great, but I found a better deal with DreamHost.

I have 50+ domains hosted there, and so far, the service has been phenomenal! When I signed up, I got unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for an unlimited number of domains!!! That's CRAZY! I pre-paid a year in advance, with a $50 promo coupon, and only ended up paying about $65 for the first year!

They let me create promo codes, so I created a promo code that gives you $50 off when you sign up. The Keep Austin Corporate DreamHost promo code is: KAC50. Just click on any of the DreamHost links here, use promo code KAC50 when you sign up, and you'll get the same deal I got.

You're welcome.

November 29, 2008


YT Cracker is in Austin tonight with MC Lars & MC Frontalot.

Now, go buy a copy of the Digital Gangster LP and pay more than a buck, ya cheapass.

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Go buy a "Keep Austin Corporate" t-shirt and bumper sticker today! It's time to tell the hippies we're tired of Austin being so weird.

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